Professional File-Manufacturing Plant Shuangjian Tools

Jul. 08, 2020

Shijiazhuang Shuangjian Tools Co., Ltd., which is a professional file-manufacturing plant, has been launched in 1951. The plant takes an area of 6670 ㎡ located in Luquan Industrial District, Shijiazhuang in northern China.

Our plant specializes in producing Engineer Files, Wood Rasps, and all kinds of special files as well as the strong ability of developing new products and packages. We have obtained various quality certificates like ISO9001, TUV/GS, BSCI and etc. so that our products meet the quality standards of China, the US, and EU.

Professional File-Manufacturing Plant Shuangjian Tools

The quality, development and after-sale service of our products can provide the most comprehensive feelings of security and comfort to customers through our long history, precise passing-down and professional equipment, which also make the labors enjoy the happiness of work.

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